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          Ella Harmon is an independent director, editor, and producer whose work ranges from experimental narratives to music videos, to documentary films. Their work has been featured in Rolling Stone, Latina Magazine, and various other publications. As an undergraduate, Ella studied Film and Philosophy at Sarah Lawrence College and Writing and Philosophy at The University of Oxford. They are currently pursuing an MFA in Documentary Media with a Graduate Certificate in Critical Theory at Northwestern University. Ella has worked for hire as a director, co-producer, and production coordinator, among other occupations. Their other interests include writing, photography, animation, color correction, and motion graphics. 

Artist's Statement: 

           By incorporating narrative techniques into my documentary work, I intend to call attention to my role as filmmaker in an active process of construction.  I am interested in the human body; its capture, its fabrication, its labor, its ephemerality, and above all, its vastly untapped potential for conscious creation under the capitalist mode of production. My work fragments the world as experienced in order to reconstitute it, drawing attention to the in between.  I invite audiences to reflect on the larger rhythms that constitute us.  I enjoy the freedom that film allows as a medium to interrupt natural courses and reposition the viewer’s perspective in relation to the external world. I understand film as a primarily temporal medium, one that communes closely with the form of the inner.  The visual cut allows me to represent forces unseen, yet felt in everyday experience through the power of juxtaposition. As an artist, I aim to make palpable the social movements that constitute the objective.

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